Shepherd Community Notification

Dr. Phyllis HedlundAnnouncements

Good afternoon families,

Thank you for entrusting us with your children this morning. Our hearts were heavy as a staff when we met before the opening of school. It felt as if we could have held our moment of silence the entire day. We are holding the families of Uvalde, Texas in the light through their unbearable grief and know you are too. Here are some resources for how teachers and parents can help our children process their feelings in the wake of such tragedy.

Some of you have reached out about our lockdown drill on Friday, May 27. I have received numerous emails that state drill and drill often. ECE families may opt out of Friday’s drill. We do monthly drills as a whole school in preparation for a range of emergencies – fires, evacuations, severe weather, neighborhood violence and active shooters. Teachers will prepare students for the lockdown drill, including what to do, and why we were doing it (so we can stay safe in case there’s ever an emergency in the building). The lockdown drill entails each class sheltering together in their locked classroom out of sight of doors and windows.

We take every precaution possible to ensure that your children are safe and well at Shepherd Elemntary. It is my most important job, and my deepest commitment to you. I welcome your feedback and input on safety at Shepherd.

Thank you for your partnership,

Principal Hedlund