School Directory

Shepherd PTO uses AtoZ Connect/Membership Toolkit to maintain its school directory, maintain emergency contact information for parents, and send out important information to families. Please note that Emergency Contact information is confidential and is not published in the directory. AtoZ/Membership Toolkit’s web- and app-based system allows parents to verify and manage their own directory listings. In order to receive The Mustang, our weekly newsletter, you must register and complete your profile on AtoZ/Membership Toolkit.

At the beginning of every school year, each household will be prompted to verify the directory data and add the emergency contact information through the directory’s Verification Wizard. This should take no more than five minutes.

Occasionally, Shepherd will send out important information to families using AtoZ Connect’s Digital Backpack.  Items in the Digital Backpack can be accessed through AtoZ’s menu bar.  Please note that you must verify your information in AtoZ before you can access any items in Digital Backpack.

Families also have access to our secure/password protected School Directory app. The app has the most up-to-date directory information and is accessible via mobiles devices as well as your desktop computer. To download the App to your smartphone, search for “AtoZ Connect” in the App Store or Google Play, or click one of the buttons below to take you directly to the app store.

Detailed Registration Information
NEW PARENTS: Use the AtoZ Connect app or go to AtoZ Directory and create a username and log in under “Register/Login”. Please fill in all your information. Your entry will be approved then added to the directory. The contact numbers and emails you provide will be how other families get in touch with you during the school year and will ensure you receive the weekly PTO Bulletins and other Mustang news by email, which contains vital information you will need throughout the year.

RETURNING PARENTS: Use the app or go to AtoZ Directory and choose “Register/Login”. IF THIS IS THE FIRST TIME YOU HAVE USED THE NEW SITE, DO NOT SELECT "RETURNING USER"; INSTEAD SELECT "CREATE ACCOUNT" UNDER "NEW USER" AND USE THE SAME EMAIL AS PREVIOUSLY USED FOR AtoZ TO RE-REGISTER AND CONFIRM YOUR INFORMATION. If you’ve forgotten your login, it’s very easy to reset, just follow the instructions. Once you’re logged in, please make sure your information is correct. Information is updated each year for children already attending Shepherd. However, if you have a new child starting at Shepherd, you will need to add him/her into your family entry by clicking “Add Student” under “My Family Info.”

If you have questions, contact Shepherd PTO by email.