Enrichment Programs

Shepherd's curriculum is supplemented by a number of enrichment programs, both during and before/afterschool. Learn more below...

Field Trips

Shepherd's Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) funds classroom field trips each school year. Classes, together with parent chaperones, take advantage of the amazing educational offerings in and around Washington, DC, with such trips usually coordinated to align with units of study.

SESSA Before/Aftercare

Shepherd Elementary School Star Achievers (SESSA) is Shepherd's privately-run, non-profit (501c3) before- and after-care program. When school is in session, Star Achievers provides daily programming on the school property. Learn more and register at the SESSA website.

In-School and Classroom
Enrichment Programming

Embassy Adoption Program
The Embassy Adoption Program is an award-winning global education and enrichment program. Using the unique resources of the embassies and other global entities in Washington, DC, the program provides our 5th Grade students with the opportunity to increase their knowledge and appreciation of the art, culture, government, traditions, and geography of other nations.

Classrooms Going Global
This school-wide program encourages teachers and students to think globally about their learning. Through this program, each class learns about a particular country throughout the school year. At the end of the school year, classes can share what they've learned during the Classrooms Going Global Celebration also known as International Day.

Tutoring Programs

A number of tutoring programs are available to Shepherd students:

ELL Tutoring
Shepherd’s ELL department offers after school tutoring and support through a variety of guided reading lessons and online learning enrichment.

French Tutoring
Students meet once a week for 30 minutes. During this time, they receive extra support to enhance their learning skills.

Tifereth Israel Tutoring
The Shepherd Tutoring Program at Tifereth Israel is in its 23rd year. Between 5PM and 6PM on most Sunday nights, members of Tifereth Israel congregation and the Shepherd Park community are available to tutor students across subject areas at no cost to parents. Please reach out to Ms. Catler, [email protected], for more information.