Response to Intervention (RTI)

Led by the school psychologist, the Response to Intervention (RTI) Team promotes and reinforces a multi-tiered system of support (MTSS) that ensures:

  1. School-wide quality instruction;
  2. Effective social-emotional supports for all students;
  3. Identification of students in need of additional support
  4. Provision of evidence-based interventions;
  5. Progress monitoring of data; and
  6. Adjustment of the intensity of interventions, based on the student’s level of responsiveness.

School Psychologists integrate this tiered approach to address students’ academic support needs via the utilization of a 3-tiered interventive system:

  • Tier I: Universal, Whole-school Approaches Focused on Promotion/Prevention
  • Tier II: Targeted Strategies and Interventions Focused on Students at Risk
  • Tier III: Intensive Interventions and Support