Special Subjects

Art, Music, Physical Education/Health, and Library/Media classes are held in dedicated classrooms. Monthly specials schedules will be posted here when available.


The goals of the music program at Shepherd are to develop a love and joy of music, to foster an understanding of important musical techniques, terms, and to develop musical excellence in every student. Appreciation of music is key and most important in our music room. Exposure to a wide variety of cultures, musical styles, music literacy, and instruments helps our young ones explore their own musical talents. All students find their rhythm by singing, moving, playing of percussion instruments and keyboards. Some grades will explore Orff instruments, and some will use recorders. Here at Shepherd the music program provides many opportunities for individual growth and encourages every student to nurture their instinctive love of music.

Physical Education
and Health

The mission of the Physical Education program at Shepherd is to help every student develop lifelong healthy habits. We provide the students with exposure to variety of different games and activities. This allows them to fine tune their skills as well as learn new ones. We hope that each student can find some sort of game or physical activity that they could pursue and enjoy throughout their life. Each student has the opportunity to work at their own pace at developing the different skills that we work on. We have a safe and supportive environment that encourages the growth of all students.


In Shepherd’s art classroom, students learn about the elements of art, as well as principles and media of the visual arts. Through art studies, Shepherd students learn to appreciate the significance of art and visual culture in their lives, and how to express their ideas and feelings through meaningful art making.

Library and Media

Shepherd’s Library serves to instill a love a reading, inspire life-long learning, and foster independent library use. The library is an inviting and welcoming space for all students to enjoy. Students visit once a week with their class to check out materials, and to practice information literacy and digital citizenship. The library also provides a collection of print and electronic resources that supports the curriculum and new technologies in classroom learning and research.