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This coming week is Bullying Prevention Spirit Week at Shepherd, and you will see the fun daily activities we have planned. During Morning Meeting, Ms. Browne and Dr. Brown have been visiting each homeroom to discuss bullying with students and teach them what it is and what to do if they are being bullied or they see someone being bullied. In addition, Ms. Rottman is holding class meetings with specific homerooms that have struggled with playing fairly during recess and reinforcing that we should treat others the way we would like to be treated and assume the best intent of one another whenever possible. Students need to learn how to cooperate, how to be a friend, how to share and how to accept setbacks with grace. During the second quarter, we will be working on explicitly teaching these types of skills to students as an aspect of our work with Turnaround for Children. More to come as we get started.

Last week, 5thgrade held its elections, and we have officers for the Shepherd Student Government (SGG).
President/ Ise Kambui
Vice President/ Noemi Milam
Secretary/ Ivori Jennings
Historian/ Henry Goldblatt

This coming week homerooms will hold elections for homeroom representatives. There will be one homeroom representative from each homeroom grades K-4. The term is one quarter so there will be elections again at the end of quarter 2. The homeroom reps will attend a SSG Morning Meeting each Wednesday and report back to the class on what was discussed, as well as share their homeroom’s concerns and ideas with the SSG. To be elected, students will need to write a paragraph (or a list for younger students) explaining why they would make a good homeroom rep and share it with the class on Thursday. We plan on announcing the SSG to the school community at the All-School Meeting on Friday, Oct 18.

This week will be busy with LSAT, PTA and All-School Meeting. Please buy your tickets for Fall Fest and volunteer to help us at a station!

Please be aware that construction will start on 10/21. If you have ANY concerns that involve students’ safety during construction, please let me know immediately.

I hope you all are enjoying a relaxing long weekend with family and friends. I am excited to spend the weekend with my three children, my niece and her family.

With gratitude,


Bullying Prevention Spirit: October is Bullying Prevention Month, and we are showing our spirit next week!
-Tuesday, October 15: Put bullying to sleep. Wear your pajamas!
-Wednesday, October 16: Be a buddy, not a bully. Dress like your buddy!
-Thursday, October 17: Put a lid on bullying. Wear a hat!
-Friday, October 18: Bullying gives us the blues. Dress in blue, the official bullying prevention color!

All-School Morning Meeting: Our second All-School morning meeting will be hosted by the 4th grade on Friday, October 18 from 8:45-9:15. We hope you can join in on the fun and community building!

Hispanic Heritage History Bowl Winners: Last week, Mrs. Romero and Mrs. Zepeda hosted our first Hispanic Heritage History Bowl, and the competition was incredible! Congratulations to all of our knowledgeable participants. Here are the winners of our special event:

CHAMPION: Emmanuel Ashby
2nd Place: Ainsley Sedalia
3rd Place: Ellison Doomes

October 15-19th – Book Fair
Wednesday, October 16th – LSAT meeting – 4:30 pm
Wednesday, October 16th – PTA meeting – 6:30 pm
Friday, October 18th – All School Morning Meeting – 8:40 am
Saturday, October 19th – Fall Fest – 12-4 pm
Wednesday, October 23rd – Open House for Prospective Parents – 9-10 am
Sunday, October 27th – Family Photo Shoot PTA Fundraiser
Tuesday, October 29th – Blue 44 Restaurant Night
Thursday, October 31st – SPCA Halloween Parade (lower field)