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Good morning families,

At this point, many of you know both PK 4 teachers will return to the building in Term 4. I am so excited to have them here with us, and we eventually will be able to serve any PK 4 student who would like to return to school. The dates are a bit staggered, however. 

On April 29, Ms. Hunter will begin teaching in the building with Ms. Conte. Her students who are currently in CARE will be moved to her classroom in the A Wing, and any students returning to school in Term 4 will return to be in her classroom on 4/29. 

On April 26, Ms. Person will join Ms. Taylor in the CARE classroom, and Ms. Holt’s students who would like to return to school will learn virtually with Ms. Holt until she returns in person on 5/17. At this point, there will no longer be a CARE classroom as Ms. Hunter’s students will be with her, and Ms. Holt’s students will be with her. Both teachers will accommodate families who choose to remain virtual, and there will be more details on that soon.

For Kinder families, we have openings if you are interested in a Kindergarten CARE seat for Term 4. This was the first classroom we opened in December, and it is a fun group who has thoroughly enjoyed being in the building. I can increase capacity to 15 students for Term 4. Please let me know.

Students are not required to wear a uniform. Breakfast and lunch are currently provided, but I am unclear whether that will continue in Term 4. The daily schedule is 8:30-8:45 arrival and 2:45-3:00 dismissal. Students attend school Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. The CARE class will continue to be half days on Wednesday until 5/14. 

Students are required to wear masks unless they are eating, drinking or napping. We do have randomized asymptomatic Covid-19 testing for students and adults if you give your consent. Students complete a daily self-assessment of their health with their parents and have their temperatures checked at the door. 

There is no after care at this point in time. Please reach out with questions. This has been an evolving situation, and I apologize for not reaching out sooner.