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Good afternoon families,

Wow! Wow! Wow! That was truly amazing. We did justice to this year’s theme for Black History Month. There was so much rich information shared this morning, and I am sure many of you were teary-eyed like me. Thank you to Derek Musgrove and Michael Wallace for their participation, and another special shout out to the committee who made it all come together seamlessly for the community: Ms. Johnson, Dr. Leonard, Ms. Mack, Ms. Moorefield, Ms. Murali, Ms. Pereira and Ms. Rottman. Parent Oni Jones created the theme of Black History in the District for this year’s celebration. The meeting was recorded, and we are analyzing media releases now to uphold family’s wishes and edit as needed. A link is forthcoming.

I have several announcements this week:

Parent Teacher Conferences

Parent teacher conferences will take place virtually on Friday, March 5th. Your homeroom teacher may have already reached out or will do so soon.

Please use the following links to sign up for a conference with a Specials teacher:

Ms. Blake–Library

Madame Gadie–French

Senor Hernandez–Spanish

Ms. Pereira–Music

Coach Langrock–P.E.

Family Panorama Survey

We currently have 121 responses to the family survey — thank you! Please help me obtain a complete data set by completing the survey as soon as possible. When we get to 200, I promise you won’t hear another word from me on this issue. Answer here.

Term 4

Last week, I received the following guidance about Term 4:

By default, Term 4 will proceed with the same in-person plan as Term 3.  If schools have sufficient student demand, principals may choose to add additional classrooms to in-person learning and/or make other adjustments to accommodate more students in Term 4. 

Since Shepherd has sufficient student demand, I am working to open additional classrooms as soon as possible. Since we currently have no offerings at PK 3 or 4th grade, I would first open classrooms at those grade levels. Remember that we only have two classrooms currently at our disposal because of the HVAC installation. Families in those grades have already accepted seats to return in person. In addition, I am working to bring more staff back to the building. I will keep you updated on these efforts.

Summer 2021

We will be running a summer program for students who are below grade level in reading. Please let me know if you are interested in helping design this program. Work will commence late March/early April after we complete Term 4 plans.

Toiletry Drive

We will be collecting toiletries for women in need during March, Wone’s History Month. There will be a bin in between the two main entrance doors for donations. Thank you in advance for your generosity. Thanks to Ms. McIntyre for organizing.

Update on Mr. Garner

Dr. Leonard is collecting funds for the family through CASH APP, his name on the app is $dreducator.

Have a wonderful weekend,