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Dear Families,

When I next write to you, it will be a new year. What a year we have had! We have bent, stretched, pivoted and LEARNED so many things about so many things. We have also spent more time at our homes with immediate family than we ever could have imagined. Through it all, we have supported one another and treated each other with kindness and compassion — demonstrating the holiday spirit all year long. Through it all, we have remained one Shepherd, and I am so excited to have more students in the building soon and look forward to when we can all be back together again. It will be here before you know it.

HVAC replacement starts on 1/11, and it appears that we will have a few more classrooms available to use in Term 3 for CARE/IPL as two rooms have opened up on the first floor of B Wing, and my office and the conference room will be used as isolation rooms, freeing up two more classrooms. HVAC replacement will take place from January until the end of the year and does limit the number of classrooms for use in Term 3 as A Wing (the old building) will not be available. The Reopening Community Corps will share our Term 3 instructional plan in mid-January. Our CARE Kindergarteners continue to be happy, healthy and thrilled to be here.

I wish you all a wonderful break and the happiest of New Year’s with love and appreciation.


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