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Dear Families,

We have now completed day 4 of distance learning, and faculty members are in constant communication with each other. We have had three staff meetings this week, grade level teams are meeting, leadership is checking in with individual teachers, and instructional coaches are supporting distance learning for their content areas. I have observed some of your students learning during morning meeting and have seen photos of them learning at home. At this point, you should have heard from your child’s teacher, and if you have not, please let me know.

In many instances, the distance-learning model may include videoconferencing. Please contact me if you would like to opt out of this form of staff-student engagement.

It is strongly recommended that parents be present or in the student’s proximity during videoconferencing. To learn more on using Microsoft Teams, see this brief tutorial for families.

DCPS is encouraging teachers to use an asynchronous model (taping and posting the lesson) to provide instruction whenever possible so your student can view a lesson at a time that fits the family’s schedule. DCPS will also be using television to provide instruction as early as next week. Read more here. I will provide updates as soon as they become available.

The packets are the foundation of distance learning at the moment, but many teachers are supplementing them with additional resources, assignments and instruction. Distribution of packets for weeks 2 and 3 will take place at Shepherd Elementary on March 30th and March 31st from 8:30 am-2:00 pm. They are already available on line here.

How is distance learning going so far?

Please take this brief survey so we can make modifications and adjustments based on your feedback.

Shepherd Virtual Spirit Week

Let’s lift students’ spirits by supporting their participation in a virtual spirit week that will begin on Monday. Please send any cute photographs my way at: [email protected]

Inside Out Day
Your chance to wear your clothes inside out

Global Day
Pick a country and represent that place for a day

Stuffed Animal Day
Showcase your favorite stuffed animals

Make A Creation Day
Make something to share

Shepherd Spirit Day
Dress in Shepherd swag or green and gold clothing

Please feel free to reach out with any and all questions and concerns. I have included a proposed schedule for elementary distance learning that I found on line and DC Emergency Resources. Some of our teachers are using ithe schedule with their families and have found it helpful. Stay well, and look forward to hearing from us again soon.

DCPS – Emergency Resources and Tips – Final .docx


Phyllis Hedlund, Ed.D.



Mr. Hernandez has posted some very entertaining videos and assignments here.

May 4-8th – Teacher Appreciation Week

Thursday, May 21st – International Day