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Good morning, Mustang families!

Below are all of the nominations we’ll be voting on at tonight’s PTA meeting.

The meeting will be at 6:30 pm in the Multipurpose room and you must be present to vote. Childcare will be provided in the cafeteria by Star Achievers.

PTA, LSAT and Principal Selection Panel Nominations

PTA Exec Board Nominations

President: Liz Bradley

I’m Liz Bradley and am running again for PTA President to help maintain consistency of school communication, fundraising efforts and community building while the school transitions with a new administration. We have done some amazing things this year – improve communications, engage more parents, better support and appreciate our teachers and staff, build more community with parents and neighbors, diversify our fundraising, work with more partners and have fun! We have more work we want to do next year – focus on more community-building opportunities, implement PTA-supported STEM efforts for all grade levels, and engage the team to further support our efforts to stay in the Deal/Wilson feeder pattern. I am currently a Communications Strategy Director at AARP and have taught Communications Strategy and Planning at Georgetown University.

1st Vice President: Taryn Losch-Beridon

Taryn Losch-Beridon is the parent of a current PK3 student. She joined the PTA Fundraising Committee in early SY2018-19 and was later elected to the vacant position of SESPTA 1st Vice President. In addition to renewing the school restaurant night initiative and organizing movie nights and wreath sales, Taryn was instrumental in her role as co-chair of this year’s extremely successful Spring Gala. Taryn owns an independent consulting firm and has served in several senior management roles in the Pharma/Biotech/Medical Device industry during her career. She holds a Master of Public Health degree and project management certification (PMP). 

2nd Vice President: Ayana McIntosh

Ayana McIntosh has been a part of the Shepherd Elementary School community since 2015. She is a proud parent of 3 Mustangs, and an active leader in the school community. Ayana has served as a room parent 2016-2017, classroom volunteer, and LSAT committee member 2016-2017. She has been the chair of the fundraising Fall Festival during the academic years 2017-2018 and 2018-2019. Additionally she served on the Spring Gala Committee (2016-2018) and has supported the Annual Jazz Night in various capacities. Ayana is committed to furthering the growth of her community in and outside of the Shepherd Elementary School walls. Ayana is an Anesthesiologist and an Interventional Pain Medicine Physician. 

Recording Secretary: Caroline Smith

 Caroline Smith is a proud parent to second-grade student, Henry Stearns. Henry has attended Shepherd since kindergarten, and he and his family are so thankful to have found such a caring and close knit school community. Caroline began volunteering in Henry’s kindergarten classroom as well as in Madame Gadie’s French classroom and with her after school Culture Club. This year, she helped the PTA with their Spring Gala as well as spearheading the March box tops contest. She is interested in becoming more active with the PTA and feels that the position of recording secretary is well suited to her. She is a writing professor at George Washington University and is quick on the keyboard.

Corresponding Secretary: Lauren Benning-Williams

My name is Lauren Benning-Williams and I want to be your next PTA Corresponding Secretary. I’m a 1styear Shepherd mother of two (son Landon-Mr. Leonard’s 5thgrade class & daughter Logan-Ms. Benjamin’s 1stgrad class) I’ve objectively observed & experienced life at Shepherd I the early childhood & middle-school prep levels. 

I believe Shepherd is a great school, and I also believe there is room for more parent-teacher engagement as well as more opportunities for our students to play and learn outside of school with one another. I’d like to see a bigger effort to ensure that parents throughout our entire community are not only aware of events & fundraisers, but made aware of how we value EVERYONE’s presence and their active participation in enriching our school’s community. Your corresponding secretary should have strong inter- and intrapersonal skills – both of which I have mastered during my 12 years as a communications professional. I hold a Master’s in Mass Communication and currently work at The University of Maryland College Park as a Communications Manager. Prior to joining the Shepherd community, my family was at Holy Trinity Episcopal Day School – where I was a member of the school’s Executive PTA board for more than 3 years. 


No nominations

Assistant Treasurer: Andrea Smith

My name is Andrea Smith and I am interested in serving as Shepherd’s PTA Asst Treasurer for school year 2019-2020. I am ending my two year term as PTA Treasurer this school year. 

I am a graduate of DCPS where I attended Takoma Educational Center and Calvin Coolidge Senior High School. I hold a BBA and MBA in Accounting from Howard University. Professionally, I am an Audit Director for the Department of the Treasury Office of the Inspector General. I am also the site manager for two Volunteer Income Tax Assistance programs where I provide free tax services to low and moderate taxpayers in the metropolitan area with Community Tax Aid and the Internal Revenue Service. I am also a board member of the National Association of Black Accountants and an active member of Delta Sigma There Sorority, Inc. 

I am excited to continue and strengthen our financial policies so that we can raise additional funds to support our school, students, and teachers.

LSAT Board Parent Member Nominations

Kristin Baldwin

Last year, I served on the LSAT and began the hard work of learning about the inner workings of our school and DCPS. I am interested in serving on the LSAT for a second year in order to continue the important work of advocating for our school through the political process, establishing open communication with our teachers, and improving school processes overall. Next year, if given the opportunity to serve again, I would like to focus on bringing a socio-emotional curriculum to all grade levels and further strengthening our (already) outstanding early childhood classrooms. I currently have a kindergartner at Shepherd and am proud to have my daughter join PK3 next year. Shepherd needs parents that are willing to put in hard work- and I would be honored to serve on the LSAT next year in order to facilitate that.

Brian Bradley

I am a parent of a rising 2nd grader (Charlotte) and 4th grade student (Henry).  My professional background is in finance/accounting and I could use my skill set to assist the new school administration and LSAT next year in reviewing the budget and thinking creatively about budget allocation, cost savings and prioritization. 

Understanding the budget constraints we currently have at our school, I am willing to testify at the DCPS budget hearings and help seek additional external resources for our school.  Next year is a critical year for Shepherd in terms of funding, I want to make sure we invest in all potential revenue streams and ensure we are getting every last available dime from the District.

Sara Faulman

I have had children at Shepherd for the last four years; during that time, I have been involved in the school, serving as a Board Member and President of Star Achievers and as a co-leader for my daughter’s Daisy and now Brownie troop. There is so much that Shepherd does well, but, at the same time, I see a lot of room for improvement. Serving on the LSAT will give me the opportunity to collaborate with other parents and school personnel and then use my voice and experience to help set school priorities and develop Shepherd’s Comprehensive School Plan. 

Theo Francis

Dominic Ju

My name is Dominic Ju and I am a parent of two children in PK4 and 1st grade in the upcoming school year. I have been actively involved in the PTA and supported Shepherd through volunteering my time to help monitor recess and testify on several occasions before the DC Council. I believe I can contribute our shared vision for Shepherd by ensuring the school plan is achievable and measurable and bringing my skills in monitoring and evaluating multi-billion dollar programs at the Dept. of Defense and other federal clients to align strategic goals and data-informed decisions for our children and community. 

Cendrine Robinson Head

Since enrolling our daughter in Pre-k this past February I have committed to advocacy for SES. These efforts include testifying at a D.C. Council budget meeting and a meeting with Mayor Bowser about the proposed construction project. As a new family at SES and residents of Colonial Village, I am committed to ensuring that SES provides the best academic and cultural environment. Professionally, I bring skills from my leadership in research administration which includes budget oversight of large-scale projects. As a licensed clinical psychologist, I have expertise on the social-emotional needs of students.

Jimmy Sarakatsannis

I am the father of Nico Sarakatsannis, who is currently in preK-4. I was formerly a middle school teacher in DCPS, and now work with schools and districts to strengthen their approaches to school improvement. I believe the LSAT is an important way for us as a community to help support our school — and it will be especially important as we welcome a new principal next year. I am currently the LSAT Chair, and am eager to continue to support our students through this group next year.

Principal Selection Committee Nominations

PK-1 grade level cohort:

Jodi Arellano

Abayomi Huria

Dominic Ju

Julia Lipton Marnon

Ayana McIntosh

2-5 grade level cohort:

Lauren Benning-Williams

Yolanda Grate

Kevin Jenkins

Jasmine Riley

Sarah Schooler

Douglass Sloan

Valerie Lewis Taylor