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Dear Families, 

We are in the process of planning our end of the year activities. On Monday June 21, 2021 at 10:00 am, we will celebrate 5th grade promotion in person for all students and their families who would like to attend. The DPR field should be resurfaced by that date, but alternatively, we will use our playground space. Also in store are “move up” ceremonies in person for each grade level so students have the opportunity to see one another before we close out the school year. We currently are researching and planning for safe celebrations of our students so please stay tuned for details but we would love to have the opportunity to celebrate all of our children as we close out what has been a challenging year. 

At our PTO meeting on Wednesday, I walked participants through the Panorama survey data for students and families. Once our end of the year achievement data is available, I will share it with you. Dr. Leonard and Ms. Freeman are planning our summer program for those students in need of some additional support, and they will be communicating details with those families as soon as possible.  

I am saddened to inform you that Dr. Wilson is experiencing a family emergency and will have to take leave for the remainder of the year. Our thoughts and prayers are with her as she takes this time to spend with loved ones. In her absence, Ms. Moorefield will temporarily teach fourth grade Social Studies, and Ms. Pereira will continue with students in morning meeting.  

Mr. Mack has decided to transfer to Van Ness Elementary for school year 2021-22. We are so grateful to Mr. Mack for his service to third graders and their families. His commitment to his students is second to none, and I know all of us appreciate his talent, attention to detail and strong relationships with students and their families. We wish him all the best as he continues his work for DCPS. Last week, we extended an offer to a talented young educator, Ms. McCarthy. Ms. Montgomery was an integral part of the hiring process and is so excited to partner with Ms. McCarthy in third grade. Ms. McCarthy has elementary and special education certification and just completed her Master’s in counseling. The members of the personnel committee are thrilled to welcome her to our community. 

In other staffing news, Mr. Muskett, our current special education teacher for grades 3-5, will serve as our Physical Education teacher next school year. Mr. Muskett has vast experience in teaching Physical Education and is eager to return to the work. We are excited that he has offered to assume this pivotal role working with all of our Shepherd students. Dr. Stephens is helping us source candidates to fill our Special Education opening, and we are grateful for her expertise and extensive connections. 

Please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have about these changes. The personnel committee has been interviewing candidates and observing model lessons every Wednesday with the goal of filling all of our vacancies by June 1st. We are on track to do so. I hope you enjoy the beautiful weather this weekend.