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Hello everyone,

I think our teachers felt appreciated this week. It was more challenging to appreciate them virtually, but I was copied on a number of beautiful emails and videos. Thank you for taking the time to honor them! I am so fortunate to be working with this faculty, the best one I have ever encountered. They are deeply committed not only to your students but to Shepherd Elementary. In response to all of your warm wishes this week, they have created this video for all of you to enjoy. Thanks Ms. Pereira for putting this together!

Hopefully, all our mothers will be greatly appreciated this Sunday, Mother’s Day. All of you are either a mother or a daughter or a son, and some of you are privileged to be both. Maya Angelou wrote, “To describe my mother would be to write about a hurricane in its perfect power. Or the climbing, falling colors of a rainbow.” I love these metaphors because it makes me think of my own mom — her strength, her beauty, her sweetness, her loyalty, her turbulence, her steadfastness, her magic. A mother has to be all things — everything, and even then, it can be tough to get it right:). That’s why I also appreciate Tina Fey’s quote on motherhood: ““Being a mom has made me so tired. And so happy.” That says it all. Whether you are a mother or are honoring one, enjoy your weekend and this opportunity to give and receive thanks.

Attached is “Our Favorite Teachers” video, which Tessa, Amelia, Randy, Emmanuel, Ms. Jeremiah, Sydney-Grace, Ms. Rottman, Luisa and Nora rehearsed and sang for our teachers. Please see below for Ms. Mack’s IB Spirit Week, which has some great daily activities and links to read alouds that reinforce our IB Learner Profile Attribute this month, Communicator. We all await more clarity on next steps, and we should get more details at the end of the week. Thanks for everything.

With love and appreciation,


IB Learner Profile Spirit Week, May 11th- May 15th
Our IB learner profile attribute for the month of May is communicator. This week, we will celebrate the importance of being a communicator through daily read-alouds connected to communication. Communicator- We express ourselves confidently and creatively in more than one language. We listen carefully to the ideas of others.

Monday, May 11th- A Letter to Amy

Tuesday, May 12th- Dear Primo: A Letter to My Uncle

Wednesday, May 13th- Exclamation Mark

Thursday, May 14th- One Word From Sophia

Friday, May 15th- Max’s Words

IB Learner Profile Spirit Week Family Discussion Questions:

-What does it mean to be an effective communicator?

-What are different ways to communicate?

-Describe how [character] was an effective communicator?

-Why is being a good listener important to being a good communicator?

-What good strategies does [character] use to be an effective communicator?

IB International Spirit Week, May 18th- May 22nd

Let’s go on a week long adventure around the world with TravelKids!

Monday, May 18th- Turkey: Hot Air Balloons

Tuesday, May 19th- Peru: Machu Picchu

Wednesday, May 20th- Hawaii: Volcanoes

Thursday, May 21st- Kenya: Baby Elephants

Friday, May 22nd- France: Medieval Fair

IB International Spirit Week Family Activities:

-Share pictures of your local and global travels with your child

-Share a household item with your child that is connected to your family’s background

-Cook a dish that has a special connection to your family’s heritage with your child

– Turn your home into a family travel destination by playing international music, watching an international movie, eating an international dish, and using homemade international decorations

-Using a map, point out where your home is located, places you’ve traveled as a family, and places you would like to learn more about

Ward 3 Education Network Meeting – Monday, May 11

Registration info due – June 15