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Dear families,

Unfortunately, we have a rainy weekend in store, but rain is great for sleeping, relaxing and cleaning. My youngest comes home from college tomorrow, and everyone will be in the house with me for a brief time. I cannot wait! Speaking of cleaning, we have moved all the lost and found items to the atrium. The atrium is open to families all next week to search through the lost and found. Items are sorted by color. Any items not retrieved by next Friday will be donated. There are many, many jackets and many, many sweatshirts in those piles.

We received some excellent news this week that I will share in more detail at the PTO meeting. We have significant gains in our LCP index, particularly in the Loved domain:).

Family survey data held steady with neither increases nor decreases.

No major changes with staff data either, but it remains low. The comparison is to DCPS. 

Have a great weekend, and stay well! 


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LSAT 5/18 4:30 pm 

PTO 5/18 6:30 pm